About the Jersey 4

For the past 20 years the (Jersey4) have been actively committed to social justice work and community charity work. They have worked with major non-profit organizations in the Tri-State Area. Today they are officially incorporated with their own J4 Pass 2 Assist Foundation and will continue to give back within their communities and fight social justice for all. The foundation will also support other non-profit organizations that are aligned with their mission.

Our Programs

Empowering Youth thru Mentoring, Training & Education. Neighborhood Outreach & Goodwill Ambassadors for Social Justice & Equality.

EMPOWERING Youth Thru Mentoring & Serving the youth throughout the tri-state area.

The youth in our program are referred by parents/guardians, teachers, counselors, and coaches. Some are targeted youth “at risk,” meaning they may be facing problems at home with their families, struggling at school, or have issues with their peers or in their communities.

These young people are between the ages 8-17 that need a positive, supportive adult in their lives.

Volunteer mentors serve as confidants and role models; making a real difference in a young person’s self-esteem, ability to communicate, and decision-making skills.

Training the fundamentals of basketball and proper conditioning and development of understanding and excelling in the game of basketball.

ENLIGHTEN! Speaking Engagements

The Jersey 4 principals; Danny Reyes, Jarmaine Grant, Rayshawn Brown and Keshon Moore are the examples of strength, growth, perseverance and survival that many different groups must see to appreciate. They will tour schools, conferences, community events and various camps, sharing their experience and knowledge, while lending their ear to the audience’s cares and concerns. Topics shall include, but are not limited to: racism, respect, gender equality, power struggles, peer pressure, and the importance of good grades, etc…

IMPACT! Neighborhood Outreach Through IMPACT!

The Jersey 4 looks to impact much-needed communities through food, clothing, and toy drives among many other activities throughout the year.

STAND UP! Youth Advocacy

There’s no doubt that the “children are our future and with that, The Jersey 4 puts their mouths where their hearts are. STAND UP!, the Jersey 4’s Youth Advocacy initiative is geared toward ensuring that any underserved child within their reach gets the supplemental services that they need and deserve. Through fundraising efforts coupled with the implementation of EMPOWER!, ENLIGHTEN!, and IMPACT!; STAND UP! will give a voice to the often unheard by shining a spotlight on various youth- centered issues.